Monday, 6 July 2009

Bar - Meeting Place

This place is a little hidden as it's at the end of a narrow alley leading up between the 2 shops immeadiately opposite the jetty. It's not much to look at, and it hasn't got the views, but Yannis who runs the place is a lovely guy and very friendly. It's also a lot cheaper than places on the front - fair enough as you are not paying for the view. To be honest I'm not sure how Yanni makes a profit, as every time you order a round of drinks, out with them comes a little meze plate of food - not much, but serveral days we had a couple of rounds of drinks and the snack did us for lunch. You have no control over what the snack may be - could be meatballs, could be green beans in tomato sauce, could be squid - that's part of the charm.
There's a bar and a fair amount of tables inside, but better if you can get sat on the three or so little tables out in the alley. It's a suntrap in the early afternoon, but Yanni will open up the sun canopy if you ask (if he hasn't already), and it seems to definitely attract "regulars" who discover the place while on holiday. I think we became some of them!
May 2009

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