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Taverna - Castello

If you are looking for somewhere a little more out of the ordinary (a bit posher) to eat for a special meal then there seems to be about 4 main choices in Parga (apologies to any other restaurants or tavernas I've not heard about). The first mentined by many people on http://www.parga.com/ is the 5 Senses restaurant in the Alpha hotel between Yanni's and the Perivoli. I can't vouch for the food their as when we walked past it the decor looked a bit to clinical for my taste. Great if you like a minimalist approach - no sarcasm intended as it is very well presented - just not to my taste. The next two are the Kastro and Rudis which I'll discuss in futher posts.
The fourth place to try, which we did, was the Castello retaurant (http://www.castello-restaurant.com/) which is part of the Hotel Acropol situated in the back alleys between the road through Parga to Valtos and the shopping road. Its not far from the centre of town and if you walk down towards the harbour from the crossroads where the taxi rank is, follow the bend of the road as it turns up to go towards the castle and you come to a small square with a few coffee shops. Turn back into town at the square and you will start to see signs directing you to the hotel and restaurant.
There is a fairly extensive menu and the wine list tells you a bit about each bottle in case (like me) you are not overly familiar with many Greek wines. We plumped for just a half bottle of the Rose Boutari which at €7 is the cheaper end of the scale but we've had it before and know we like it. Whether it was just us or a standard practise but it seems that the food menu only comes with prices on for the gentlemen. I choose a beef carpaccio to start which was a popular dish as I heard the order repeated on several other tables. I also had the dusk breast which was very suculent in a balsamic dressing (the carpaccio was also in balsamic dressing and I got the impression its the "in" flavour at the moment. With my wife's tomato and mozerella tower starter and scallopini in a creamy gorgonzola sauce the whole came to €57 which is about twice what we normally pay in the more traditional tavernas, but you have to treat yourselves every now and then.
The bread is served before the meal with both a mixed white and brown basket (the brown bread having a very delicious nutty taste - I had to be quick to stop the waitress taking away the last piece when we'd finished our starters!) and also a plate of bite sized pieces of focetta and the like with a bit of olive tapanade and garlic butter. After the meal I was served with a Mextaxa with the bill on the house and my wife recieved a Port (or more probably a Marvodaphe a greek equivalent). There is both seating inside and in a covered area outside surrounded by plants and the whole decor creates a much more intimate atmosphere than the average holiday restaurant or taverna. I might have a business meal at the 5 senses but for a romantic meal the Castello would win for me hands down.
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