Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Taverna - Bacchus

In all the times previous on my visits to Parga, I have avoided this and the Zorba's Taverna next door which sit right on the corner of the promenade as the town beach turns round to the harbour, because they have been the ones with staff lurking on the front to invite you in. A small reason but I think it's something about the British that as soon as someone tries to sell us something, we don't want to buy it. Anyway, don't get me wrong, they are not seriously hassling you, just saying "good evening" and asking if you'd like to come in for a meal. Not exactly a hard sell, but enough to put me off.
However finally, this year we ventured inside the Bacchus as we'd spoken to people who said it was good, and I'm really glad we did! The waiters are very friendly, in that good natured joking way (don't go here if you like formal dining) and the food was very, very good. The best Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers I've had in Greece in a long time and the metaxa sauce I had over liver was to die for. We ate a couple of times there and thoroughly enjoyed the meal each time.
It gets very busy, but if there is no table free when you arrive they seem to be happy to provide complementary wine for you to drink while you wait on the harbourside.
They also brought out drinks on the house at the end of the meal (which in fairness many, if not most of the tavernas in Parga did) which consisted of what I think was flaming metaxa - the waiter refered to it as "Greek Viagra!"
It can get a bit warm when it's busy especially if you are at the back, so try for a table at the front if you can.
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