Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Taverna - Yanni's

Yanni's Taverna is about half way up the road from the harbour to the Perivoli into the olive groves. It's an unassuming place from the outside but always seems to be very busy which is usually a good sign.
The seating stretches down the side of the building from the road and opens out a bit towards the rear. There is some seating available inside but it's a tad echoey inside and i seemed while we were there that several people just sat inside with a drink until an outside table was available. The atmosphere is one of a very traditional Greek taverna and the menu bears that out with all the expected Greek favourites on offer. Prices are very reasonable - we had a selection plate of hot starters, a stuffed squid and Yanni's special chicken together with a half litre of wine and a small bottle of water all for €22.
One star attraction has to be the resident cat who's a dead ringer for puss-in-boots from Shrek. Especially when patintly waiting by the table and looking up at you with those mournful eyes! The food we had was very tasty and Yanni and the rest of the staff very friendly which made for a very enjoyable evening. Yanni did courteouly ignore my basic mistake as I tried to order the stuffed squid in Greek, and managed instead to order a "stuffed good-morning"!
Sept 2007

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Unknown said...

We eat at the Yanni's many times while we were in Parga,the food and service were fantastic.Both of us were in Yanni's the night of the earthquakes and the staff took time to reasure us we would be OK