Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Taverna - Perivoli

Follow the road that leads up from the beach past the Villa Rosa into the olive groves and you will in about 10 minutes stroll arrive at the Perivoli taverna. Carry on past it and you go up into the hillside amoung the olive trees, or turn left and another road takes you back to the main road by the petrol station. The Taverna is run by a cousin of Christos (from the Irini) and serves traditional Greek cuisine. Being away from the centre of town the prices are a little cheaper, with a meze meal for two, which is a lot of food, being €25. We had our own selection of about 5 or 6 appetizer dishes and a half litre of house wine for just over €20, and the food was excellent - probably the best stuffed tomatoes and peppers I've had. Again, being away from the centre of town, the Perivoli provides a more peacefull setting for an ev eing meal and if you get just the right time of year in spring the fireflies are lighting up the bushes arround it. The bulk of the seating is outside although at least 2 thirds is under cover for shade and the odd shower.
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