Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Taverna - Nafsika

The Nafsika taverna (http://www.nafsika.net/) sits towards the far end of the harbour front and has a lovely view of the jetty especially in the evening when the tour boats are in and lit up. It claims to be an international restaurant as it's menu includes a few chinese and indian dishes but I can't vouch for these as I tend to eat the more local dishes when in Greece. Certainly the meze starter I had there was delicious as was the Kleftiko althiough it was cooked in yet another different way more as a pie with the lamb and vegatables cooked in a dish covered with a pastry top. My wife had the chicken kebab which she commented was one of the best she has had with the meat being very tender and not at all dried out as grilled food in Greece can often be.
The taverna itself tries to be a little more upmarket than some of it's competition (the waiters all have logo-ed shirts and use Palm Pilots to take orders) and with it's position it may be a little more pricey than some of the competition away from the harbour front, but it's still not really expensive - our meal withb drinks came to about €35.
Sept 2007
NB As of 2016, Nafsika has closed down and been replaced by Baros, a more upmarket Wine and Steak place. I've not been there yet to give my views

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