Monday, 6 July 2009

Bars - Sol bar

The Sol bar overlooks the main town beach and is a small affair with seating arranged on a decking platform with director style chairs, wooden sun-lougners and grass style sun shades. Of an evening tea tree light lanterns are on each table and the music is of a very laid back nature - certainly background music so this is a place to relax and talk with friends. Being round the corner and down the road a bit from the main harbour front it's much quieter here and again is a place where you can sip drinks while listening to the waves lap on the shore. Obviously it's position makes it ideal as a place for drinks when spending a day on the beach too.
Sept 2007


GreedyGreen said...

Update - as of May 2009 the Sol Bar had disappeared, but I'm told a new hotel is what the building site was that is in the place it used to occupy. I also heard that the new hotel would have a bar, again to be called the Sol Bar, facing out to the beach. I'll let you know when I return again

GreedyGreen said...

The Hotel is now built (as of last year actually) and is a really nice little boutique hotel ( and the beach facing bar sits up a few steps above the road to give a really good view out to the island. Bit more expensive that some of the other bars (not a lot) but a really nice quieter place to relax still.